What Are Some Excellent Networks to Promote Your Apps?

What Are Some Excellent Networks to Promote Your Apps?

Market places like google play android app is not the only one where some Android users can find your application and then download it. This time, getnap will explain some of the other recommended sources that will promote your apps. So, what are some excellent networks to promote your apps?

App ratings android sites are not the only locations where people can find your application. As well as being included in the App Store is not the only way to get countless customers. There is a bunch of other amazing variety of stations to reach your target audience.

Channel to Promote Your Apps

Yahoo Answers

You can find your target audience in Yahoo Answers to find solutions or questions in the search area. If you see a variety of questions related to your application then you can provide a solution. After that you can do a soft marketing of your applications or hard selling by stating your application download link.


Reddit is one of the social media fairly crowded so you no harm in trying to promote your application on this site. I suggest to post in subreddit or proper category to be accepted by admin. Reddit will remove your link if less help or provide info spam.
For example, if you want to promote your app on a photo editor so it’s good make a link articles related to a photo editor or specify your application download link subreddit a photo or picture.


One of the emerging social media today is gplus, you can take advantage of this because g plus itself is has a google. So the chances of your application easily seen by the user in google play. Find a friend as much in gplus and frequent interaction. Once your account has lots of friends and lots of interaction then the chances of posts about applications can enter the google trends.


Quora is almost the same as yahoo answer is a website that provides about a variety of questions and solutions. However, Quora is complete with a variety of features which the admin and other users can edit the questions are posted as misspellings, grammar or brand names. Quora also can give a good impact for SEO.


You can promote your app instagram to post a picture of your application directly. Currently instagram also be a great 5 sociial most crowded media. sometimes those users who prefer to see the picture in advance rather than reading so it never hurts to try this application.

how guys? interested in trying? I can not mention all sources to promote your applications one by one as the most important of the campaign is to just do it and talk less do more. You can read another article will help promote your apps.


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