How To Market Mobile App?

How To Market Mobile App?

The development of increasingly sophisticated technology from time to time, including mobile app and many people now use a mobile app for daily mobility. The mobile users rely on mobile applications for a variety of activities such as e-mail, office, gaming for entertainment, booking online tool and others. Therefore, for you, the application developer of business applications into the field and earn a lot of money. However, did you know that many users around 85% of mobile app will only download the application you maximum use of the application about 4-6 months? and this is a problem in mobile applications. Many experts say agree with this, so you should keep your application so that users feel at home and long with your application. I give you five tips how to market mobile app.

Five Tips How To Market Your Mobile App

1. Finding the appropriate targets
In promoting the application you will definitely find a lot of obstacles and problems. Therefore, you must do the proper promotion so do not do the work twice. Promoting appropriate to the target application and the corresponding market is a must for example,  you offer doll to old man, he probably would not buy a doll. However, may be he also will buy the doll for her granddaughter who might want a Barbie doll. You can start by brainstorming ways, define the target mobile users to your app example : age, state, and user behavior so we know you are addressing and the target they want. This is done so we do not bother to promote because we had the right targets.

2. Considering the financial problems
Average mobile applications that are promoted will definitely want to earn money fairly quite a lot of the results of the promotion including you, right? This is reasonable if you want to earn a decent income, but the most downloaded free applications more than it paid. You can do the freemium apps by promoting the free app and then the user can fully featured application by paying just once or every month. You can take advantage by adding a paid feature in your application with a variety of patterns payment.

3. Promote mobile app in Social Media
Social media is now a very good medium to promote your products or your mobile applications on the internet. You can market your mobile app via facebook, twitter, or g plus. Often frequent posting on social media on a regular basis by posting a free promotion or a simple tutorial on the application that you are promoting. This will help users understand more about your application. It also will help in branding your mobile applications.

4. Promote continuously your mobile app regularly
Build mobile app is still an early stage in building your business in the mobile application. It aims to help users to continue to remember about your application such as the addition of new features, promotions, updates the application and development app. If you do this regularly then you will get significant user retention for your mobile app. It’s like I’ve mention above that experts say the average user applications will only use your mobile app a maximum of 6 months only if your application is still relatively new. So make the target how to make your application last at least 7 months for the users.

5. Do not reject the international market
Your mobile app must have great mobility with many known throughout the world, it would be better to be downloaded for your mobile app. It also helps you in branding mobile app, although there will be many things you have to do such as increased application features, as you promote app in specific countries, for example India then there are additional features hindi language. It also will add to the impression of your professional mobile app.

5 strategies above will help you in promote your mobile app will get more users and more downloaded. However, in promoting the mobile app always is used. You can start marketing mobile app now.

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