App Promotion in Google Adwords Strategy

Hello guys, getnap will share tips on App Promotion in Google Adwords Strategy. The best way to promote your app there are two admob and adwords because through both you can install directly on your mobile. However, there is no limit on Adwords while there will be some limitations promotion an Admob. In addition, via AdWords campaign settings easier than admob.


1. Setting your app and tracking
The first important step you need to know is the first setting to get good tracking and obtain favorable conversion including ROI. It is indeed not easy for example you are a beginner, but you can ask for help developers because this step also includes technical stage.

Here are some initial steps to help you to promote on Google Adwords

    Mobile Apps Conversion Tracking and Remarketing (Overview)
Track conversions Android app
Track conversions iOS app

Remember it is very important first step because you also have to monitor the cost per install the app you, that you get the lowest price per install. It is important to set your budget.


2. Make Campaign

To create a campaign step, first we select the mobile mode install where there are only two options, namely the search network and display network . The search network will display the keywords we are targeting eg “android security” and would appear appropriate targeted keyword. As for the network display will appear in another app (in-app advertising).

app campaign


3. Select the type campain “mobile app installs”

Go to the campaign name and then choose the “mobile app install” then select “select app” and find your app in google play



4. Select Device targeting
Choose operating system versions and device models based application that you are promoting. You also select mobile carriers or only specifics wifi connection.


5. Bid, budget, and location settings
Select “Focus on installs” as your bid strategy, enter your daily budget and customize your country and language settings.



6.Make Your first ad
The next stage is to make the first ad group, choose target CPA and then put your name. The CPA targets Refers to how much you are willing to spend for one mobile app install. It’s best to choose a bit higher (eg $ 4 per install) and lower the CPA once you’ve received some traffic and installs in your campaign. If you begin with low target of CPA, might not deliver your AdWords ads.

Below your ad group name and the target CPA you can choose how to target of your apps. Start out with the default setting “Show my ads to all potential app users”. Once you have the data in your Gathered some campaign you can create additional ad groups targeting specific categories in the app store (placements).


7: Create your ads
In this phase you create your ads and then  choose from different ad. “App install ad” is the simplest way to get started Because you do not need any image or video creative.





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