Five App Marketing Strategies

Five App Marketing Strategies

Your app is not alone. Currently, there are more than 1 million apps in the App Store, competing for users’ attention in almost every category.

Do you know if if your application does not alone? Because today there are more than a million apps in the App Store that are competing with one another. Branding build an application is not an easy thing. You must create a sustainable applications that help marketing your mobile app to get long term. Your app have solid marketing and distribution with the goal that’s used by the appropriate users and loyal to your application.

Let’s take the example is everpix, app photo storage that comes with a big surprise for the users and most users like because  this product is very good and easy. It can save large amounts of data capacity, and a small annual fee.

Everpix has the potential to undo companies such as: Flick and dropbox ,, but it was a big mistake because it puts all the budget into the development of products, wear a small fee to maintain the company for trying to increase the user base. Although this seems unfair but actually it is a great product that’s not enough to be successful in the app market. It is very important for a healthy balance between developing and marketing to ensure sustainability.

Five App Marketing Strategies to Increase the number of users

Here are five strategies to take advantage of new marketing and distribution of your application:

1.Release early and release often
Have you ever heard the term release early and release often? This is done to increase the user base. If you do not have the user base, how do you think you are building something that people want?

2.Get your niche,
You can distinguish your application in a crowded market in two ways:
Introduced a feature that no one else has, or target a specific niche. For example take the QUAD applications and it has big users.QUAD focused on the unique ability to message more than 50 person on this and have been widely marketed for high  groups such as students who have a high need for mass messaging system. So you do not have to compete with the already crowded applications such as whatsapp, line, etc. So grab the niche was more specific and targeted, but still crowded.

3. Exclusive
Exclusive. Nowadays, it seems like everyone is using Spotify, but it was not long ago that the company was just starting in the US and is only available by invitation. While Spotify used to facilitate invitation to scale in a new country, it also has the added benefit of creating a buzz around this new application exclusively. By utilizing word-of-mouth marketing, Spotify helps him stand out in the arena that companies like Rdio and Rhapsody has been occupied for many years.

4. Optimize for App Store
, Just as the need to optimize your site for search engines, it is important to make sure your application has the right keywords in the title and description so that users can find you. It sounds small, but if your application does not appear when users type in relevant keywords into the search box, then it might as well not exist. That is why the design and development of enterprise applications such as Triggered have begun to make the App Store optimization is an integral part of their development process.

5. Social Media
Social media is one of the best ways to develop your user base. Build social sharing so that users can brag about what they have just finished, whether that leveling up in the game or logging miles in the application is running.

It’s easy to assume your application can be next Snapchat long as you build a solid product, but what makes that a successful application is not the fact that it exists – it is the efficiency it creates. By focusing on joint marketing strategy product development, you can create an application that not only make life better for your users, but also make a profit for your startup.




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