5 Useful Android Wear Apps

5 Useful Android Wear Apps

Who doesn’t know what an Android Wear is? By now you should already know that they are smart watches that let the user tracks their activities—from fitness, alerts, messages, to asking Google for help­—right on their wrist.

Many manufacturers are developing different smartwatch design, and many Android developers have started to create dedicated Android Wear apps. Currently, there are over 40,000 Android Wear apps available, which give you no excuse to settle only on the default functionality.

A good Android Wear app should give the user serious added value to their newest gadget, which takes them away from their smartphone, and make their life easier. Here are some of the recommended Android Wear apps that is worth checking out:

Todoist. Do you have a lot of things to be checked off of your to-do list? This wrist-based computing lends itself to a quick, uncomplicated action of doing so. Todoist is a well-respected smartphone and web app, which makes the switch to Android Wear seamlessly. The app enables the user to bring up and clear tasks with a few finger taps.

Video for Android Wear & YouTube. What if you could watch a video on your smartwatch? Although different people have different opinion on this particular matter, if you are in with the idea, this Android Wear app is worth the download. Users can view videos directly on their watch with Bluetooth headphone support for audio, and a cast button if they happen to have a Chromecast plugged into their TV. Video for Android Wear & YouTube has a full list of compatible Android Wear smartwatches information on their app page.

Toggles Wear. Toggles Wear reduce the pain of turning various settings on and off on one’s smartphone. People often do so while turning Wi-Fi or airplane mode, and it can be annoying compare to just moving one’s wrist. This Android Wear app allows their user to adjust phone volume, see the remaining battery life, checks how much mobile data they are using, in a form of a simple display. With this app, the user has a full control of their mobile toggles without having to remove the phone from their pocket, or when they are away from it.

Wear Buddy. Wear Buddy is a likeable app with its small, straightforward, and specific design for Android Wear. The users can check up on the status of their phone’s battery, and find it when it’s lost. They could also activate the ringtone remotely, and get an alert if they leave the house without their phone connected. Although it’s still their first release, Wear Buddy has served many key features, and they stated to release more features in the future.

InstaWeather. Are you looking for a simpler way to check the weather everyday? InstaWeather puts location based weather reports front and center on one’s smartwatch. The Android Wear app has seven free custom watch faces, which feature radar maps, hourly forecast, wind conditions and more. The premium version offers extended forecast, more watch faces, customizable location trackers, and animated radar. This app is extremely useful for users who live in a city which wheather keeps on changing frequently.

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