4 Ways to Get More Users for Your Android App

4 Ways to Get More Users for Your Android App

So you are planning to gain more users for you Android app. There are many ways and many tools to be used in doing so. Even though every app is different, there are a few things that can be done easily to increase your Android app users. Here are some of them:

Understand where your users come from. The basic classification of where your users are from are paid or organic. However, whether you pay to acquire users or not, you would want to focus your acquisition efforts on the channels that will bring you the greatest volume of high-value users. It’s extremely easy to identify those channels from the User Acquisition page in the Developer Console.
From the performance report, Android developers may follow both organic and paid traffic from discovery to installation, then onto their purchase of the in-app products. It has a convenient predefined reporting criterion, which will make the overall activity even simpler. With the improved understanding of where your most valuable users come from, you can better focus your efforts into acquiring more users.

Add an app install banner on your website. Even though you are aware that your brand has a dedicated Android app for it, your audience may not. If you are aware that your users still access your website, you need to add a native app install banner to it, and offer visitors the added convenience of installing the app straight from your site. App install banners are offered as an extension of Chrome’s ability to deliver Web App install banners. Android developers can setup this feature in a web app manifest file. Within the manifest, one will find how the app will appear on the user’s system, how it should be launched, and whether its banner has priority over the banner of your Web App. By having this banner, you will drive more installs and awareness towards your app.

Offer over-the-air installs. Google sign in is a trusted registration system that is familiar to users and consistent across devices. Therefore, with minimal effort, you can improve your sign-in conversion with a fast and secure authentication option for users. Also, with this feature, you can offer users the option to send your app directly to their Android devices. It’s a simple method yet great way to increase your user base.

Cross-sell with house ads. A great tip from Android: one of the fastest ways to accumulate downloads or increase conversions is to tap into your existing user base. Since these users already know your product, they would be a receptive audience for your other apps and in-app products.  AdMob is a house ads that let Android developers to cross-sell your other apps (or your friend’s apps) to your existing user; best of all, it’s a free service. You can also intelligently promote your in-app purchases to the users that are most likely to buy them, so it will save time and effort. Again, all can be done through AdMob’s free in-app purchase house ad format. AdMob automatically figures out which of your users are likely to spend, in order to optimize which users see the ads. It will place ads wisely, and it shouldn’t be too intrusive however still clearly visible to attract click-through.


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