5 Cool Apps for Android Wear Smartwatch

5 Cool Apps for Android Wear Smartwatch

Android Wear and smartwatches have been gaining popularity in the past few years. Many Android users have used Android Wear smartwatch to notify them on messages, alerts, track their fitness activities, even taking pictures.

The number of Android apps for Android Wear is rapidly increasing, and sometimes it can be overwhelming for Android users to decide which one they actually need. Some of the apps may only have standard features, and some others have more than enough. As a user, of course you would be likely to take advantage of some of the best new apps for your Android Wear smartwatch. Perhaps the list below can give you a good start:

Tweechip. Some of us may have migrated away from Twitter; however, for those who are still on it, may find this Android smartwatch app useful. Tweechip is an app for serious Twitter addicts, which enable the users to do basic Twitter activites such as: check their timeline, mark tweets as favorites, and retweet information and stuff they like. The smartwatch app has a minimalist and simple design, which makes it easy for users to keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the Twitter-verse without pulling out their phone. They are connected to Twitter as close as their wrist can reach.

UP by Jawbone. Several people like to be active, and sometimes they want to track their behavior throughout the day. The Jawbone UP app enables the user to keep track of their daily steps right from their Android Wear smartwatch. Different with other products that require a separate band, Up by Jawbone doesn’t require any. Users can still tap into one of the best fitness-tracking ecosystem out there through their Android Wear smartwatch.

Wunderlist. For Android users who are organized and rely on their daily to-do list, they might want to install Wunderlist. This app is one of the most connected to-do list apps out there. Users can select a specific list to show on their Android Wear device, and use “OK Google” to add items. The enabled voice control power has made adding to-do list even easier than it already has. Users can also get reminded about their projects, or reply to comments from others.

Find My Phone. While Apple Watch users get this feature embedded into watchOS2, Android Wear users will need a third-party app to identify where their phone is. This Android app enables users to start an alarm on their smartphone if they are struggling to locate it, change volume, turn on the vibration feature, and even set the flashlight to help you track it down. Find My Phone is extremely useful for Android users who often forget where they put their phone, or to locate them if it got stolen.

PixtoCam. Technology has become even more advanced, proven by what this app can do. Android users may turn their smartwatch into a viewfinder for the camera app on their smartphone. They need to set up their phone on its front camera, and then use their Android Wear screen to check that they are in the shot. They can also access features like the flash settings, self-timer and zoom feature if needed. When they are ready, they can even take a picture from their smartwatch with the one-tap shutter.



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