Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is getnap?

getnap is one of the leading advertising networks focused exclusively on the Android platform.

  • Do I have to pay if a user clicks on my app and does not install it?

No, getnap uses a pay-per-download pricing. You only pay for a successful download from the Android market / Google Play .No matter how many clicks this takes.

  • How are the installs priced?

The Price is $0.5 per install.

  • How do I get started?

You can start by click the packages , or contact us in ads@getnap.com to set up a custom order.

  • My app is a paid app. Will this still work?

Getnap only works on free apps   

  • How can I track the installs?

Our installs are always done directly from the Google Play Market, therefore the download numbers will increase in the Android Market / Google Play dashboard as well. If you have Google Analytics built into your app, you can track installs coming from your campaign as we tag all of them with an analytics-compatible referrer string. Look in your analytics for “getnap” as the source and “promoted” as the medium. If you have a custom install-tracking solution we can put in your custom clickthrough URL as long as this always redirects to the Google Play market.

  • Can I cancel my app promotion?

Yes, you can end your app promotion anytime. We will refund you any remaining balance.

  • Can I get guarantee?

Yes, we give 100% money back guarantee for 45 days.